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Personal Tutorials with Professional Artists

ArcArt Gallery is pleased to be able offer one-to-one and small group tutorials and advice to artists, emerging artists and students, with the aim of assisting the development of creative practice and to achieve individual goals.

ArcArt Gallery artists bring their considerable experience in their specialist areas of work, the international art world and art education, to the support of emerging artists and students and artists of all stages in their career who feel the need to move on.

Advice and help can range though: contemporary practice, aesthetics, technique and philosophical issues in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography.

Individual and small group sessions (not more than four) can take place either in the gallery, or in some circumstances we may be willing to visit your studio.

Due to the particular experience of some of our artists, we are able to provide specialist advice on portfolio building and presentation. While this service is primarily intended for those attending interviews for educational courses, artists with other presentational needs could also benefit. Portfolio advice is strictly on a one-to-one basis.

Please call us on 0207 387 3644 for more information and to discuss your needs.


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