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The ArcArt project is the brainchild of ARC Studios partners, sculptor Mike Roles and photographer Sue Atkinson, who have for many years harboured the idea of running a small non-profit making gallery where, periodically, they could show their own work and that of fellow artists whom they admire.

From October 2004 the ArcArt gallery, which is attached to Mike’s studio, will host a programme of both solo and mixed exhibitions running throughout the year. It is intended to act as a focal point from where artists who share a particular interest, especially in psychological and existential issues, can promote and exhibit their work from a central London venue.

Gallery artists will exhibit on a regular basis with the programme complemented by guest shows.

As a non-profit making venture ArcArt is free from many of the financial and polemic restrictions which can be imposed by commercial and publicly-funded galleries. As such it is anticipated that the gallery and website will evolve and hopefully extend into both a showcase for work and a platform for debate centred around work which maintains a sense of aesthetic integrity both in its concept and execution.

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