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> Corrugation
© Allen Barker

Colour Field Painting

One statement - one painting.

My paintings are involved with the use of sensual pure form. My concern is colour and colour manipulation in order to achieve lateral shifts across the two-dimensional surface, employing the fourth dimension (time), and to give the illusion of changing depths. Back and forth - in and out.

When painting on shaped canvases, I am working with deep and narrow spatial relationships, pulling the receding shapes up to the surface membrane and the projections back, in order to hold the dynamics of the picture plane - the point of entry to the image.

The origins of my paintings are non-objective because they start from a figurative source as opposed to pure abstraction.

In the early ‘70s pure abstraction became my prime concern - manipulating space, colour and form.

My relaxation is making drawings and studies of the female form in order to replenish the store of my original ideas.

Allen Barker ‘04

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